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When we recover out-loud, we can keep others from dying.

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"Sobriety has given me an amazing life- a life I never thought possible. I am no longer secretly trapped in a cage of toxic living, filled with fear, self-pity, insecurities and resentments. Now, my life is filled with joy, peace, serenity & freedom. I am grateful I get the opportunity to show others the incredible life they can have in sobriety through my podcast.


Sarah Elizabeth

Founder of Sober Gratitudes

Here building a safe sober community, Sarah's mission is to inspire, encourage and support those who are sober curious or currently sober. She has dedicated herself to developing a podcast for others to learn about how a better life is absolutely possible on the other side of addiction and that getting sober is not just "getting dry". She does this by sharing recovery stories of former addicts and alcoholics. 


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Sarah is available and eager to lead or speak at recovery virtual group engagements regarding her own personal experiences with active alcoholism, sobriety, trauma, & mental health.

Emily Redondo

Learn More about Emily Here

It’s not always easy to talk openly about our addictions; sometimes it’s even tricky to talk about recovery because we don’t want to discourage anyone. That’s the thing about Sarah- without ever knowing her, I was immediately comfortable in our conversation. She’s just one of those people who naturally creates a safe space for vulnerability no matter what your experience was. She has a gift for both actively listening and genuinely engaging, which still to this day makes me grateful to call her my friend. 


Brian Hyman

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It was a honor to have a genuine conversation about recovery with Sarah on her podcast Sober Gratitudes. Sarah cares deeply about helping others. The mission of her project is clear: throughout each episode, listeners will hear authentic accounts from people who have suffered from addiction and have now found freedom in recovery. There is something here for everyone. These are stories from the heart, spoken in the language of the heart. One of my favorite podcasts! 

Mackenzie Kiesel

Learn More about Mackenzie Here

My primary purpose as an alcoholic is to stay sober and help others to achieve sobriety. Sarah has created a beautiful platform for me to do just that. Being a guest on Sarah’s podcast allowed me to share my experience, strength, and hope to thousands of people. When I entered the rooms of AA I remember thinking “Wow. I want what she has!” Sarah’s wisdom, experience, and strength as a woman and as an alcoholic have changed the lives of many, including mine. She has devoted her entire life to helping others and is a true example of hope.

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