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Podcast Guest

Season 2 Episode 25


Beautiful recovery tool

Thank you for creating this podcast. I look forward for to every episode. Hearing other’s experience strength and hope has always been so helpful for me in my hardest times. You have created a beautiful tool for me to use and access for my sobriety. It feels like I’m listening to a friend learning about another friend. You have a natural and effortless way of interviewing that is comforting. I just thank you so much for providing this. 



Podcast Guest

Season1 Episode13


Bringing The Hope

This podcast is showing that getting sober has so many rewards. Thinking of getting sober for me was so scary but having someone that has walked that road say, 'hey I have been there and made it to the other side,' is bringing hope. There are a lot of people living in isolation and this might be the only exposure that they get to sobriety and it speaks to the every woman or man. I have been binge listening (shocking that I couldn't just listen to one lol) but I wanted to hear my story and no matter how long you're sober you still need to know that you’re not alone. I am so grateful for people willing to be vulnerable and share their experience , strength and hope... and this show delivers it to you.