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Sarah is a breath of fresh air, she has a wonderful disposition. She has a very openness to her which allows people to be curious and ask questions. Her podcast fits into my daily schedule and I get to enjoy listening to it daily. It's so awesome that we've stayed connected even though we live across the country. Sarah has made such a significant impact in my life.



I worked with Sarah to create a podcast for her website ‘Sober Gratitudes Podcast’.  I was really nervous about putting my story “out there” for the world to hear, but Sarah has a natural way of calming people down and bringing out the best in each speaker.  From our conversations it is very apparent that she does her podcast to give hope to those that are new to recovery and encouragement to those who are in long term recovery. If you have the opportunity to work with Sarah, take it.  It will help so many.  It will help you.

Wayne Meyer

Our SOBER community is so blessed. Sarah undeniably inspires & empowers us all with her honesty and dignity.

Kim Bellas

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